Google Adwords Management

In the UK 90 percent of searches are carried out on Google.

We use Google to find just about anything. The current menu in our favourite restaurant; the contact details of that new hair and beauty salon; local builders and contractors; local theatres and cinemas; whatever it is we want to know the vast majority of us Google it. To Google is now officially a transitive verb in the dictionary.

When you search Google the search results pages also include paid for advertising. These may appear at the top of the organic (not paid for) search results and to the side of them. Apart from a small “Ads” icon they look similar and when well written tempting to click on. Often they help you find what you are looking for faster. This is called Google Adwords which is a form of Pay per Click (PPC) advertising.

While getting to the top of the organic search results can take time and requires an extensive SEO campaign, getting on the first search page is relatively easy if you are willing to pay for it. The beauty of PPC advertising is that you are only charged when somebody clicks through to your site; you don’t pay anything just to appear in the results.

Organising a PPC campaign is far from trivial

Whether or not your ad appears depends on many factors.

These include the relevance of your ad, the search terms used, the quality of the ad with reference to your website, the amount you are willing to bid to ensure that your ad appears rather than that of your competitors. Ideally you should view PPC as part of your overall online marketing campaign alongside SEO and content marketing.

Hoxton can help

We can help you with PPC advertising and optimise your PPC campaign. We will track the performance of your ads including the number of times they appear and their click through rate and help optimise your landing pages to convert clicks into sales.

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