Case Study

Hoxton Coffee was founded to bring quality, fair-trade, organic coffee from local growers around the world to homes in the UK. As such, they needed a fresh, engaging brand with a wholesome website that encouraged engagement and trust. Here’s what we did for them.

Web Design

The website for a product, rather than service, needs to dictate the way that users see the brand. It’s not just about a journey, it’s about first impressions. So a crisp, inviting home page that emphasises the fair-trade and organic qualities of the company was crucial. Large imagery is, of course, a go to in current practices, and the addition of a joyous local grower made the home page an easy win.

However, there’s more to it than that. For the About page, it was tempting to utilise more hero images, but focusing on the message was more important. Content, as they say, is king, and we wanted the integrity of the brand to speak for itself.
Hoxton Coffee website design

Logo Design

Hoxton Coffee needed a logo that would convey the senses and relaxation of coffee as well as emphasise the brand and make it memorable. What better way than to incorporate the product into the name?

The founders settled on an intricate weaving of a mug, the associated steam of a comforting cappuccino and the name – Hoxton.


  • Black

    HEX: #000000

  • White


Hoxton Coffee logo design


When a company starts, there are a few key moments that can define the brand. The founding idea, the naming and logo design, and the venture into the online marketplace.

Keep Coffee Carry Hoxton Hoxton Coffee Co.

  • Hoxton Coffee Co logo design
  • Hoxton Coffee hessian bag
  • Hoxton Coffee enamel mugs
Hoxton Coffee organic coffee packaging design


With so many competing brands in this industry, it’s important to get the marketing on point – tie in brand push with audience engagement. One avenue we’ll highlight is print.

Often forgotten in the online world, we incorporated a lighter side to the company into the print items sent with online orders.