Whilst the brand of an organisation is a holistic impression of that group as perceived by its audience, it is composed of a number of specific elements that work together in order to create that corporate image.

Hoxton is geared across the spectrum, so we’re a one-stop design agency for all your branding needs.

April 2014

It all kicked off early 2014, when DV Media Group Ltd evolved to encompass the digital and design arm: Hoxton Design. We quickly built relationships with multiple businesses that are founded on repeat service and a mutual respect. This has suddenly become dozens of clients across Sussex, Kent, London, Essex, Norfolk & Dubai and we look forward to continuing on this journey of growth.

Where's the name from?

There’s a variety of reasons for the name of Hoxton – it’s where DV Media Group was founded for one.

We're no one-stop-shop

People keep coming back to us with work. It’s this ongoing feel to our relationships that makes us know we’re doing alright. We work with clients from numerous disciplines on a wide array of projects: re-branding a local school, managing the website for a local gym, taking care of AdWords campaigns and content production for e-commerce companies and other, brick-and-mortar businesses. We handle constant print jobs for city firms, and both on- and offline marketing for a number of other clients.

Hoxton Design is becoming recognised as a digital agency built on consistent delivery of optimal campaigns and close relationships with clients. We love working with local businesses big and small, developing ground-up branding or building on existing ideas.

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