woman working on a laptop Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is now an essential part of a total marketing strategy and businesses that ignore its potential do so at their peril.   Drive traffic to your website In the modern world social…
Dave Relfe
6th July 2017
SEO v PPC Marketing


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation to give it its full name, is an essential marketing tool that is designed to get your web page noticed by search engines and ensure that it appears at a…
Dave Relfe
1st July 2017
Google Devices Material design Web Design

Web Design in 2017

As per normal, we’ve put together a list of the top design trends to look out for over the coming year. Read on to see our ‘Web Design in 2017’ guide.   Material Design: Google…
Dave Relfe
19th December 2016
Microsoft Hololens Technology

Microsoft HoloLens – What is it?

Microsoft seems a company that, whilst ever-present, is never quite at the forefront of computer software in the retail community’s vision. Despite powering businesses across the globe, perhaps their marketing department has failed them a…
Dave Relfe
18th November 2016
iFly50 web design Web Design

5 Amazing Websites for 2016 (So Far)

Last year, we published an article titled ‘3 Great Websites and Why We Like Them’. 12 months on, website design is hitting an age of flooded themes, template modifications and tired ideas. But that doesn’t…
Dave Relfe
26th August 2016
young entrepreneurs starting an online business Business

How To Start An Online Business

Should I start my own online business? A decade ago this question may have been laughed off by many, but with the advancements seen in the digital world, along with the huge numbers of people…
Dave Relfe
22nd May 2016