Social Media Management

Poor social media management could be killing your business.

This couldn’t be any more true for local businesses, who rely on a mix of both clever website and SEO work with personal referrals to build a customer base.

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Hoxton Design Social Media management can put you in front of the eyes of your competitors' leads.

  • We identify your audience, track their activities and hone in on their passions
  • We create the image of your company that you need to exude
  • We tie this in with online content and offline strategies
  • The best part about it? You don’t need to stress about ongoing changes in user behaviour, because we’re watching it for you!

More than one billion people will use multiple devices to access social media platforms in the next 24 hours.

Talk to us. We combine extensive experience in the social media sphere with continuously evolving philosophies around audience engagement and lead conversions.

Get in touch to see how we can incorporate this critical aspect of online engagement to your outreach strategy.

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