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Web Design is an easily misunderstood term. If not misunderstood, certainly underrated.

There’s a lot more to it than a pretty picture and the right font, and it takes the level of experience we have to deliver what your business needs.

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The internet is a flooded marketplace, and your website doesn’t simply need to look good – it needs to attract, convert and keep users coming back for more.


What a lot of us don’t realise is just how integrated everything on the web is these days. From tracking a user’s path through to auto-filling forms, there are countless ways in which the digital sphere keeps us in certain circles.

Where this comes into play with web design is at the portals we know as Search Engines – Google and Bing to name a couple. The way your site is designed – from a user experience perspective, the use of imagery, the layout of content and the resulting data points like bounce rates and time-on-page – all heavily influence your search engine rankings.


The next important step in designing a successful website is focusing on conversion rates. How can you make the aspects you’ve worked on above – like lowering the bounce rate – work for you when it comes to driving visitors down that purchase funnel?

We enjoy surprising our clients with our hard-earned experience on this one (we can’t give everything away!), but there are many ways to influence that critical point in time where your potential clients become actual clients.

Get them back

At the end of the day, successful businesses operate off relationships they build with satisfied customers who come back for more. The great thing is that the process of moving one-time customers into the loyalty bracket can begin right here on the web.

Through the clever use of brand signals and content production, along with the integration of useful UX sections, a customer may know that they’ll be back before they even make a purchase or get in touch.

Our Website Design Work

There’s a lot more to web design than first comes to mind, but with Hoxton Design you’re in safe hands.

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